Lord Sebastian Cayster

A man groomed to be king by marrying a queen he's never met.


Age: 26

Will – B6
Perception – B4
Power – B3
Forte – B3
Agility – B4
Speed – B5
Stride – B7
Health – B6
Reflexes – B4
Steel – B5
Mortal Wound – B9
Hesitation 4

I will marry Anne and become King, then father will no longer have any sway over me.
I will marry Orlanda, she is my true love and without her I am empty.
I will be faithful once I am married, until then I will do as I please and who I please.

Take charge of the situation.
Never trust father.
Have another drink.

Mark of Privilege, Your Lordship, Rapier-Wit, Charismatic, Royal Favorite

Born Noble, Student, Courtier, Lord

Read – B3
Write – B3
Rule of Law – B3
Oratory – B4
Etiquette – B4
Persuasion – B5
Seduction – B5
Noble-wise – B2
Hunting – B2
Dance – B3
Sing – B3
Estate Management – B3
Accounting – B3


Lord Sebastian Cayster

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