House Gueron

House of Gueron


House Motto: Hunt when you must.

House Crest: A two wolves rampant, supporting an annulet, which represents the moon on, a field of black.

Their colors used to be blue and gold, until the death of Lorde Gueron. The two wolves represent Lord Gueron and Lady Gueron who were brutally murdered at the Siege of Somerwind Castle during the Whitehall Feud. When King Bartholomew refused to punish Lord Talbot Whitehall for his crimes, the bannermen of House Gueron rose up in rebellion.

House Traits: Hateful, Truthful, and Sanguine.

House Skills: Inconspicuous, Persuasion, and Musical Instrument.

Important Characters

Charles “the Red” Gueron

House Gueron

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