Church of Solaris

Church of the Holy Light of Solaris

Holy Days

Advent of the Dawn
Ascension’s Eve
The Ascension of the Prophet
Coin Day/Beggar’s Day
Blessing of the Animals
Festival of Candles
Prophet’s Birth

Customs & Beliefs


While Celibacy is considered a holy act among church officials, it is not required for those in the priesthood. It is understood those who shepherd the flock must understand their flock’s lives; priests therefore may choose to take a wife. Those who serve in ranks above the local parish priests must become celibate.

The priest is expected to live a simple life and serve his flock and family. A priest’s children often serve in the priesthood, and the priest’s family often has served the same parish for generations. The church makes an effort to promote to the children of priestly families to other parishes to avoid corruption. When a priest is promoted to a Bishopric, his wife must fulfill her marriage vows and become a nun, leaving behind her old life much like her husband must leave his life. Often priest’s children will take over or return to the parish after their father is promoted.

While many bishops are expected to forsake their previous lives, many are not so dedicated. While they often maintain contact with the wives and families. While maintaining contact is frowned upon, it is tolerated, but nepotism is taken very seriously. A bishop or his wife breaking their vow of celibacy is a serious offense. The bishop is often required to enter a monastery, but if the offense is egregious, they will be exiled. Women on the other hand are treated more harshly. A nun who breaks her vow with her former husband is lashed and then exiled. If a nun violates her vow and commits adultery is executed.

All monastic and military orders require celibacy of its members.

Church of Solaris

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